Domestic Violence

It's a nightmare many can only imagine: someone you care about makes you fear for your safety or your children's safety. Your home, which should be a place of comfort, becomes a hostile environment. You may feel isolated, fearing that speaking up will make things worse.

Abuse isn't necessarily physical. It can take the form of emotional or psychological intimidation, threats or belittling. It can be economic, forcing you to be entirely dependent on your abuser financially.

No one deserves to be treated this way. With the help of an experienced advocate, you can move toward a better future. Layla Summers has made helping survivors of domestic violence a prominent part of her practice as a family lawyer. Through her experience as a counselor and advocate, she understands the situation you're in and strives to make the situation better.

On Your Side When You Need It Most

Layla Summers began working with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and battery nearly 18 years ago as a crisis counselor. In that time, she supervised a team of counselors that worked in hospitals across the greater Los Angeles area.

While attending law school, she worked in the Sexual Assault unit of the Orange County District Attorney's Office, handling violent sexual assault cases. In recent years, Ms. Summers continued this work for Southern California families by providing pro bono services through Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles in the Santa Monica family court.

Her years of experience as a client advocate provide a unique level of insight when seeking restraining orders as a family law attorney. She has worked in this area for many years and feels passionately about representing clients facing domestic violence issues.

The Law Office of Layla Summers in Culver City aims to provide intelligent legal advice with compassion. If you are in an abusive relationship, or feel threatened by someone you live with, don't hesitate to reach out. Call 310-575-2513 or send a message online. Consultations are confidential.