Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

A domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) is a type of court order that prevents an abuser from doing certain things, depending on the situation. They usually prohibit an abuser from contacting you, or perhaps even from entering a shared home. A DVRO lasts longer than other types of restraining orders, typically for over a year.

The process of obtaining a DVRO can be confusing and intimidating. At the Law Office of Layla Summers, your case will be in the hands of a compassionate attorney with over a decade of experience in family law. Ms. Summers is dedicated to making the process easier to handle and can help you find support from domestic violence experts.

How Do I Get A Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

You can obtain a domestic violence restraining order if someone with whom you have a close relationship abuses you in some way. Close relationships include married couples, people who are divorced or separated, people who are dating or even used to date, and close relatives. Parents can file restraining orders on behalf of children who are younger than 12.

It is important to know that a domestic violence restraining order only becomes effective after there has been a court hearing where the alleged abuser has a chance to make their case before the judge. That means both people involved will have to see each other in court and both will be required to tell the judge what happened.

Guidance From A Lawyer Who Understands

In any domestic violence situation, it is important to seek the advice of a lawyer. They can help you create a safety plan and determine what kind of protective order is appropriate for your situation. In addition to being an attorney, Layla Summers has experience as a counselor for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault — she understands the gravity of the situation her clients are in and will do whatever she can to help. To reach the firm's offices in Culver City, California, call 310-575-2513. You can also submit a request for a consultation online.