Family Law

Many of us know all too well that dealing with family can be difficult. Relationships end, people change and suddenly you face the prospect of completely changing your life. When these changes involve the legal system, many people feel lost or intimidated. But, you are not alone.

The Law Office of Layla Summers can assist you with a variety of family matters, including:

Emotions often run high in family law cases, clouding judgment and drawing out disputes. By working with a lawyer familiar with California law, you alleviate some of the unknowns of navigating the system of divorce and child custody. With some of the stress gone, you can focus on finding a solution that sets you and your children up for success.

Finding The Best Solutions For You And Your Family

In practicing family law for over 10 years, attorney Layla Summers understands that every family is different. Co-parenting works for some, while others struggle to communicate with an ex-spouse. No one wants to have their children caught in the middle but, sometimes, it's hard to see a way out.

Solutions to these problems need to be tailored to each unique family's needs, and Layla Summers has the skills and experience to assist you. She believes in providing Los Angeles families with compassionate advice and intelligent solutions to their family law questions.

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As a native of West Los Angeles, Layla Summers understands the issues that many families in the area face. With an insightful lawyer on your side, you and your family can move toward a brighter future.

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