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Going through a divorce more than once does not get easier

There are countless reasons why a marriage does not thrive. When a divorce is the best remedy for a couple's problems, it is still a difficult process. When California residents have later remarried, it may be even more challenging to have to seek a second or third divorce.

Many people are willing to take a chance on a marriage again. However, just like any other relationship, a second or subsequent marriage may also experience difficulties that are insurmountable. Sometimes, a person may find that he or she married too soon after a previous divorce or the effort to blend families proves to be impossible.

Regardless of the reasons, there may be complications that make a subsequent divorce more challenging. One of the foremost issues may be trying to work out a feasible child custody plan. If there are children from both prior marriages as well as new children, then custody plans with previous spouses may also need to be revised. In addition, relationships with stepchildren may suffer unless a former spouse is willing to work out a visitation schedule.

Another issue that makes subsequent divorces tougher is the emotional aspect. When a person goes through a second or third divorce, he or she may begin to shoulder more blame, which compounds the emotional upheaval. Furthermore, women report less emotional support from family and friends after they have divorced more than once. 

Lastly, multiple divorces can take a significant toll on one's finances, including retirement goals. Often times, obligations from a first divorce may further complicate negotiations for subsequent settlements, especially in regards to support orders. A subsequent settlement will require careful financial consideration in order to preserve one's financial stability. An attorney who is well-versed in both California's property division laws and in handling a second or subsequent dissolution can provide invaluable guidance in structuring an agreement that will best suit one's particular circumstances. 

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