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Child custody: Cooperation is key in resolving disputes

When parents in California divorce, they should strive to put their differences aside and work together to provide a stable environment for their children. However, this does not always happen. Parents may be unable to come to a suitable agreement, causing a child custody battle to ensue. Although they may be thinking they are doing what's best for their children, a lengthy custody battle only causes suffering for families. These types of disputes are fairly common today, including among celebrities.

Advice for an amicable divorce process

The end of a marriage often causes a great deal of stress. Besides stress, a divorce can also lead to several problems. For those in California thinking about divorce, it is important to search for a healthy resolution for conflicts which inevitably arise. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Practical advice to help men get through a divorce

It's no secret that couples in California who are going through a split can experience a myriad of emotions. Without question, divorce impacts women and men differently. A difficult experience for a man may not necessarily be a stressful or difficult situation for a woman, and vice versa. According to stereotypes, women may need more emotional and financial support than men amid a divorce. However, men need just as much support as women during this tumultuous time.

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