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Child custody: Cooperation is key in resolving disputes

When parents in California divorce, they should strive to put their differences aside and work together to provide a stable environment for their children. However, this does not always happen. Parents may be unable to come to a suitable agreement, causing a child custody battle to ensue. Although they may be thinking they are doing what's best for their children, a lengthy custody battle only causes suffering for families. These types of disputes are fairly common today, including among celebrities.

Child custody: Tips for joint custody agreements

When parents in California decide to split, one of the most common areas of dispute is who gets custody of the children. However, parents should try to work together to come to a child custody agreement that serves the best interest of the children. Even though both parents may want primary custody of the children, the best arrangement for the well-being of the children is often a joint-custody arrangement. The following advice may be helpful for parents who are pursuing a joint custody agreement.

Child custody: Report shows progress in co-parenting arrangements

It goes without saying that children benefit greatly when both parents are involved in their lives. Because of this, co-parenting has recently become the preferred type of child custody arrangement for most California parents who separate. In a co-parenting or shared parenting arrangement, both parents assume equal responsibility of raising the children. In a recent report released by the National Parents Organization, some states are still not encouraging co-parenting arrangements despite numerous studies showing the benefits.

Know what to expect when seeking child custody

When parents divorce, both parents sometimes want primary custody of the children. This can ignite lengthy and even vicious child custody battles. Parents may be thinking they're doing it for the well-being of their kids, but really, nobody wins in a lengthy custody hearing. One of the best ways to prevent this is to be prepared. The following advice may be useful for California parents who suddenly find themselves in this type of situation.

Advice for fathers seeking child custody

In traditional American families, mothers were the primary caregivers and typically raised the children while fathers worked. These days, fathers are taking a more active role in the lives of their children. However, child custody family courts in California still lean somewhat in favor of mothers. Fathers still have a stigma as being the bad guy during a separation, and it can leave many great fathers on the wrong side of a custody battle. Here are some tips for dads to increase the odds of obtaining custody of their children.

Child custody: Tips for successful co-parenting

Although marriages end for a myriad of reasons, the top priority for most parents who divorce is the safety and well-being of their children. It is not uncommon for both parents to want primary custody of the kids, which can cause child custody battles to erupt. However, more California parents these days are choosing co-parenting custody arrangements. Here is some helpful advice to follow for successful co-parenting.

California may rethink the way it tries child custody issues

There are now in consideration legislation intended to make child custody hearings fairer. The goal behind every such initiative is to make certain that each parent plays a role in raising the child. Also, legislators wish to ensure that any determination is in the best interest of the children.

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